I use a number of approaches and techniques in my counselling and parent support work in order to ensure that my clients' needs are met.

Person centred therapy Isleworth Hounslow West London counsellor

person-centred therapy

This approach is useful for past and present problems that have become an issue for you. The focus is on how you are feeling now. 


Psychodynamic therapist west london isleworth counsellor TW7

psychodynamyc therapy

This approach links present behaviour to past traumas and fears. By having the freedom to express strong emotions, you can feel less guilty and hurt. You are then more able to accept the reasons why you feel this way and move on.  

CBT cognitive behavioural therapy counsellor Isleworth Hounslow BACP parent support


This approach works on establishing key problems and triggers. We then explore your thought and behaviour patterns. Small tasks help you develop new and more rational ways of thinking. 

Art therapy creative West London Hounslow Isleworth TW7


This approach is for all age groups but it is especially suited to children and young people and those finding it difficult to express themselves through words. 


Parent support family therapy London West Isleworth Hounslow Relationship therapy

parent support

We provide you with support and techniques to help you feel better about yourself and become a more confident and capable parent. 

Integrative counsellor private therapist cultural differences Hounslow London

integrative therapy

This flexible and inclusive approach to psychotherapy brings together different elements of specific therapies to fit the needs of individual clients.